Alien Hunters. The chase is on!

29th July 2017 | Human Nature

Alien hunters. The chase is on.

Earnest and Way out. From the Professional to the Ridiculous.

Most people will know that there are many groups and individuals who are interested in aliens, Unidentified Flying Objects and their occupants. These range from the professional through the almost-professional, to the solely amateur; and range from the technically intricate to the plainly ridiculous.

This blog will have a look at both, and will give links to some of the better sights as well as one or two of the more ‘way-out’ ones.

Firstly though, it needs to be said that people who produce hoax footage and invent stories of extraterrestrial contact only serve to confuse the issue, which is complex enough already without stupid and pointless peripheral activity. Their motives are quite beyond me.


Everyone knows about the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence so only a few comments taken from their own website in this blog:

SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is an exploratory science that seeks evidence of life in the universe by looking for some signature of its technology. Our current understanding of life’s origin on Earth suggests that given a suitable environment and sufficient time, life will develop on other planets. Many folk are curious about our place in the universe: are we alone in the vast ocean of stars and galaxies? and in Australia [includes chat on Serendip]

Astrobiology: Hunting aliens

‘Making Contact: Jill Tarter and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence’ is an interesting article on one woman’s pioneering activity from a ‘political’ perspective.

In Making Contact, science writer Sarah Scoles interweaves a profile of Tarter with the tumultuous, decades-long history of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, where Tarter holds the Bernard M. Oliver chair. Scoles argues that, without Tarter, telescopes and observing programmes focused on SETI, such as the Allen Telescope Array and Breakthrough Listen, might not be around today. Yet hers may be a quixotic mission, having failed to receive a single definitive signal so far.

The reasons for this could very well be explained in my previous blog of February this year. Alien Civilisations: The Probability of Contact. Or, of course, aliens are good at hiding!

We need an open mind from here onward!!

Well, we can start with which is full of intriguing articles and videos to excite the alien hunters among us. Here’s an example of one of their more ‘down to earth’ articles:

Then there is –

Alien Jigsaw: The Journal of Abduction Encounter Research

This appears to be one of the more serious websites, which also includes a ‘fun’ page, which is always a good sign. This site looks at all things alien in a very comprehensive manner. They also have a reputable management team.


Gaia is a ‘Truth-Seeking’ website interested in the evolution of consciousness. It is actually a fascinating area for those who wish to discover more about the possible origins of the Earth and the universe from a metaphysical aspect. May be too ‘far out’ for some people though. It does have articles on alien [generic use of the word] possibilities and here is a link to an example:

The Alien Hunter:

Derrel Sims the self-styled Alien Hunter has a comprehensive web site which shows how far one dedicated individual is prepared to go, and covers most aspects of alien hunting from a world-wide perspective

Alien hunters in the press – newspapers on line:

Chasing aliens appears to be a popular pastime for some on-line  newspapers. The Daily Mail and the Daily Express are forever posting extravagant headlines which stretch the truth somewhat in my opinion. Here are some examples. They may contain a grain of truth but do tend to sensationalise a topic which some people would deem quite important.

UFO Sightings Daily:

And then there is UFO Sightings Daily [final post May 2017 but still up], which contains all sorts of topics ranging from Government files, Alien faces, Moon buildings etc. but also appears to have a live link to a Space Station Camera.


There are of course numerous other web sites devoted to alien activity but many of these are more far-fetched than I am prepared to talk about here. Also the sites come and go, for all the usual reasons. Needless to say we are intrigued by the fact that we are probably not the only life-bearing planet. Heaven knows what the future will bring. Just to add another spanner in the works here’s an article on alien conversation!

Happy hunting!

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