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Authors Show Interview recording:

Authors Show Interview recording

Authors Show Interview

At the bottom of this blog is an mp3 file of my recent interview on the US THE AUTHORS SHOW [13 plus minutes].

You can also find it on my Facebook Page –

Some of the topics covered are:

The book and my personal bio.
Who was the book written for?
Comparison to other books out there.
How ‘MILIJUN’ came to be.
What kind of role did the environment or your upbringing play?
The Science Fiction genre and why I like to write in that genre.
The deep relation between Laura Sinclair and her son, Jason.
How would you describe your writing style?
Who influenced my writing?
Who should buy the book?

Hope you enjoy [understand] the Mancunian dialect.


Just click on the play triangle with your sound on.

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    Belinda Turner I read your book and reviewed it. I loved it.
    5 years agoReply
    • clayton Thanks Belinda. Best Wishes. Graham C
      5 years ago ·Reply
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