15th June 2022

Introduction There are plenty of electric cars and water vessels. But will there ever be electric aircraft? Whilst large jumbo jets and airbuses are a…

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The Pentyrch UFO Incident

15th October 2021

Introduction Following on from the blog a few months ago on the pentagon UFO release, this month’s blog looks at a strange incident that appears…

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Perseverance on Mars

12th March 2021

Introduction  It seems that every time we land on Mars the search for water and life gets stronger. The well-named Perseverance spacecraft is no exception….

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12th October 2020

Introduction CubeSats are miniature satellites that have been used exclusively in low Earth orbit for 15 years. They are now being used for interplanetary missions…

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Flying Cars

13th September 2020

Introduction The concept of flying cars has been around for over a century now and there are around 80 patents on file at the United…

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UFO Updates

14th July 2020

INTRODUCTION  Time this month for an update on UFO activity; there’s certainly been nothing in the main news, which is not surprising as other more…

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Return to the Moon

17th May 2020

I thought I would check out what’s happening on the ‘Return to the Moon’ front for this month’s blog. There has obviously been no manned…

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Insectoid Aliens

14th March 2020

Introduction It seems to be that insectoid aliens, in particular those resembling the mantis, have often been reported by alleged alien abductees. In the majority…

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Pre-human civilisations

15th January 2020

Introduction The subject of technological pre-human civilisations on Earth is a contentious one. Surely we would have found something from a society that existed millions…

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Storm at Area 51

19th September 2019

  Where is Area 51? It seems that there will always be controversy surrounding Area 51, but just where is this American base, and what…

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Amidst Alien Stars

13th July 2019

“Loss is like a wind, it either carries you to a new destination or it traps you in an ocean of stagnation. You must quickly…

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Micro Air Vehicles [MAV]

14th November 2018

An early blog this month as Christmas is rapidly approaching, and two paranormal mystery authors to check out. Introduction In my Sci-Fi novel ‘Milijun’ a…

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Water and Mars

24th August 2018

Just before we have a look at water and Mars: For those readers who loved Milijun the sequel has started, which means that Laura and…

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Tasmanian wildlife

21st June 2018

Hi everyone. This month’s blog is very down to Earth, literally and geographically. It looks at Tasmania, the triangular island off the south coast of…

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Inter-dimensional UFOs

24th April 2018

This month, with inter-dimensional UFOs,  we’re back on one of my favourite subjects; aliens and UFOs. In novel Milijun, and in upcoming Saving Paludis, the…

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Moon Village

25th February 2018

First up this month a reminder you can join my Street Team at street team. All are welcome. Free copies of SILENTLY IN THE NIGHT…

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Bizarre Mars

28th September 2017

Bizarre Mars This is bizarre Mars. We’re back on the red planet this month, and a look at the more bizarre [and sometimes humorous] claims…

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30th August 2017

Definition The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. Introduction The scientists in Sci Fi thriller…

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Mars Odyssey 2030

28th March 2017

    Mars Odyssey 2030 – an introduction I write this with some trepidation. Why Mars and not the Moon? I may just put that…

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19th February 2017

MILIJUN Amazon Kindle Countdown KINDLE OWNERS! Kindle Countdown for MILIJUN starts February 21. Just 0.99 cents in US or £0.99 in UK. What readers are…

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23rd January 2017

Goodreads Giveaway The next Goodreads Giveaway takes place between January 24 and February 7. Enter to win a FREE PRINT COPY.    

Robotic Life Forms

22nd January 2017

Robotic Life Forms There is no doubt that research into robotic life forms and artificial intelligence has progressed significantly over the last fifty years. The…

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Drones and the Future

16th September 2016

DRONES AND THE FUTURE: The Capabilities of drones: We are all familiar with drones and their rather sudden surge in popularity, especially the smaller variety…

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18th August 2016

AFTERLIFE: The aliens in my novel ‘MILIJUN’ know there is an afterlife; it’s one of the points that makes them interesting. What they say is…

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25th July 2016

UFO TRENDS How many alleged UFO sightings have you seen reported on the news lately? Chances are the answer is probably none. In fact I…

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The Great Victoria Desert

4th July 2016

Great Victoria Desert: Introduction: Some facts about the Great Victoria Desert.  This is the area which Laura and Jason flee across at night before coming…

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Alien life

22nd May 2016
Alien life

Alien Life What would life on other planets look like? Over the years the possibility of there being alien life elsewhere in the universe has,…

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Future Helicopters

3rd April 2016

Future Helicopters: There are choppas [choppers] in Milijun which have a lifting disc and directional jets at the back. Their name is derived from CHief…

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The UFO enigma

2nd March 2016

The UFO enigma Most people are asked if they believe in UFOs at least once in their lifetime. Usually it sounds like “Do you believe…

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Cocklebiddy Cave

26th February 2016

A milijun location: Cocklebiddy Cave is in Western Australia: GPS: -31.9665, 125.917 Cocklebiddy Cave is where Laura and Jason Sinclair meet the aliens head on…

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The story behind Milijun

17th February 2016

Milijun was born as a short story, but the characters [especially the alien RNasia] took me on an altogether different ride. They wanted to be…

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