Praise for Silently in the night

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I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories. A missing person case is not what it appears. A crashed astronaut changes the destiny of an entire planet. These were two of my favorites, but there is so much more. I especially like Graham’s many different visions of the future. Several of the sci-fi stories could easily be expanded into novels. Read this, then grab yourself a copy of Milijun, a mind-bending sci-fi novel. Highly recommended!

– Patrick Denton January 11, 2018
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This collection of 16 unique short stories was a treasure to read. The author was able to capture various moments in time and transform them into fun-size bites of entertainment.

Each story left me dumbfounded and in a state of shock. The first story, Silently in the Night, was a complete mystery. The unexpected twist at the end set the tone for the entire book. The story ended with a type of closure that encompassed the entire book. All the stories sandwiched in between ranged from inevitability to satire to revenge.

After this taste of Clayton Graham’s writing talent, I will be adding a few of his titles to my “to be read” list. Thanks for sharing your book with me!!

– Sandra Vattimo on February 5, 2018
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Great collection of short stories that will quickly get you hooked on Clayton Graham. I follow him on Facebook and receive his newsletter, the latter of which usually includes a short story, too. This collection reminds me of the stories collected in the old Twilight Zone Magazine that my mom used to subscribe to. Each tale is unique. You’ll find a bit of mystery, thriller, paranormal and sci-fi. Grab this book while you can and delve into the world that is Clayton Graham.

-Helen V.on March 2, 2018
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This is a great collection of short stories. I’m learning to love the quick fix of story-telling you get with shorts, and Mr Clayton does a seriously great job. There are themes here which are sure to appeal to any fan of Sci Fi, and even a taster of the authors full novel Milijun (which I def. recommend, if you enjoy this one).

– Shaun Green on March 3, 2018
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Awesome creativity written into each story, this is a collection of not really short stories but more like mini stories. Each had an amazing amount of detail and many had totally unexpected endings. A wide variety of topics that ranged from sci-fi, mystery, paranormal, romance, some had robots, ghosts or aliens. Some of the stories had complete endings, others left the door open for follow up to another or a continuing story and a couple were an excerpt from a novel. I was really very impressed with this collection which left me feeling such a variety of emotions after each one. I am looking forward to reading more of Clayton Grahams work.

– Mauireader on March 20, 2018
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This anthology of clever, twist-in-the-tale short stories by Clayton Graham, is worthy of the genre master Arthur C. Clarke’s Tales of the Unexpected.

Very different in subject matter and a plethora of brilliant plots will suit fans of all ages and tastes, with stories varying from domestic not-quite-bliss, to an alternate Watership Down, a psychological thriller, a ghost story and a bit of sci-fi not-so-funny after all to suit your every mood.

– Rosemary56