Details about places in ‘milijun’ and places in the world at large. Places you may not have heard of, places you may wish to visit and, on the odd occasion, places you would not want to visit.

Storm at Area 51

19th September 2019

  Where is Area 51? It seems that there will always be controversy surrounding Area 51, but just where is this American base, and what…

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Water and Mars

24th August 2018

Just before we have a look at water and Mars: For those readers who loved Milijun the sequel has started, which means that Laura and…

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Bizarre Mars

28th September 2017

Bizarre Mars This is bizarre Mars. We’re back on the red planet this month, and a look at the more bizarre [and sometimes humorous] claims…

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Mars Odyssey 2030

28th March 2017

    Mars Odyssey 2030 – an introduction I write this with some trepidation. Why Mars and not the Moon? I may just put that…

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The Great Victoria Desert

4th July 2016

Great Victoria Desert: Introduction: Some facts about the Great Victoria Desert.  This is the area which Laura and Jason flee across at night before coming…

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