Mars Odyssey 2030

Mars Odyssey 2030 – an introduction I write this with some trepidation. Why Mars and not the Moon? I may just put that out there and leave it for now. Also, this subject is so immense it will warrant further blogs – there’s no way it can be covered in a single piece. I have…

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The Great Victoria Desert

Great Victoria Desert: Introduction: Some facts about the Great Victoria Desert.  This is the area which Laura and Jason flee across at night before coming across Milijun. The Great Victoria Desert is the largest Australian desert. Its size is roughly 424,400 km2 (163,900 miles2) although this is an estimate only as the area seems to…

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Cocklebiddy Cave

A milijun location: Cocklebiddy Cave is in Western Australia: GPS: -31.9665, 125.917 Cocklebiddy Cave is where Laura and Jason Sinclair meet the aliens head on for the first time. They are, in fact, the only ones who manage to escape. This event is the birth of their adventures. The cave is a real place, situated…

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