All about Unidentified Flying Objects: what they may be, why people see them [or think they do], why would they bother to come to Earth, and the authorities stance over the years.

The Pentyrch UFO Incident

15th October 2021

Introduction Following on from the blog a few months ago on the pentagon UFO release, this month’s blog looks at a strange incident that appears…

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UFO Updates

14th July 2020

INTRODUCTION  Time this month for an update on UFO activity; there’s certainly been nothing in the main news, which is not surprising as other more…

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Inter-dimensional UFOs

24th April 2018

This month, with inter-dimensional UFOs,  we’re back on one of my favourite subjects; aliens and UFOs. In novel Milijun, and in upcoming Saving Paludis, the…

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25th July 2016

UFO TRENDS How many alleged UFO sightings have you seen reported on the news lately? Chances are the answer is probably none. In fact I…

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