Einstein and Oppenheimer and other intelligences

15th February 2020 | People


It seems that two of the greatest minds of the last one hundred and fifty years were close friends towards the end of Einstein’s life on this Earth. One of the topics they discussed, and held opinions on, was the fascinating area of other worldly beings. Einstein was born in March 1879, Julius Robert Oppenheimer in 1904. Despite belonging to different generations, they eventually became close colleagues, and I’m sure had many deep and meaningful discussions.  

Physicists and UFOs and aliens

Einstein, of course, was the theoretical physicist best known for his general theory of relativity. J. Robert Oppenheimer was a professor of physics at the University of California. They are two heavyweights of science.

In 1947, these two brilliant scientists began to look at the issue of UFOs comprehensively. They considered the possible consequences of people from other worlds coming to the planet Earth. And the reasons why they would come in the first place. The results of their investigations were written down in black and white, but because the document was labelled as Top Secret, it was subject to the fate of all such documents.

De-classification of the document

Eventually, as time passed by, the document was de-classified. The document’s title was “Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies.” It was only six pages long, but what it does say is rather incredible. It claims that the presence of UFOs is something the military accepted a long time ago. This was written in 1947 don’t forget.

The document talks about what actions should be taken in the event of aliens coming to our planet. It basically says that an intelligent alien species with culture and organization must be given ‘human’ rights – and that we may have to accept some of their principles of living [but only, I guess, if they wished to stay].

The overall report includes the message that persons in positions of power may know about extraterrestrial entities and not be telling the general populace. And that opinion goes back over seventy years!

You can read the entire original document here in its beautiful old-fashioned type: DOCUMENT 1

Or you can read it in modern fonts here: DOCUMENT 2


The preface to the modern font version states :

“It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military – and this is dated June 1947.”

As for myself, I find it amazing that Einstein, with his insight into the universe, the huge distances, and the impositions of the speed of light upon trans-star travel, would consider writing about the visitation of aliens to Earth. Maybe he knew something we don’t?

Incidentally, HG Wells wrote War of the Worlds in 1898 in book form. I wonder if they read it?

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