Insectoid Aliens

14th March 2020 | Life Elsewhere


It seems to be that insectoid aliens, in particular those resembling the mantis, have often been reported by alleged alien abductees. In the majority of cases I have no doubt that these reports are the result of an over-fertile mind. Why should aliens resemble an Earth species? What universal forces have been at play to make them what they are? Maybe because some humans dislike our insectoid allies, they make them as alien as possible. Or maybe there is some truth in the stories. Let’s explore a bit more. 


Insect beings appear within many mythologies throughout the world, including Native American and African legends. With respect to mantises, much of this no doubt emanates from its ‘praying posture’. Because insects are so different in their demeanor and appearance they can cause significant antimony in humans, and that can result in unnecessary aggression against a very important species on our planet. 

Among the insect types featured in myths are the bee, fly, butterfly, cicada, dragonfly, praying mantis and scarab beetle.

Insect myths may signify the origins of a people, or their skills such as finding honey. Other myths concern the nature of the gods or their actions, and how they may be appeased. A variety of myths tell of transformations, such as between the soul of a living or dead person and a butterfly in Japan. Insects can also appear as symbols of human qualities, or as portents of forthcoming trouble. Accordingly, they may appear as amulets to ward off evil.

There is little doubt that insects are ingrained in the folklore of many of our ancestors.

The Alien Experience

Interactions with mantis-like insectoid aliens appear to be the most unsettling type of encounters because of the variance in their nature. Some appear to be benevolent, others not.  Reports describe these beings as around two metres tall, with long, thin bodies. Their necks, arms and hands are said to have additional joints. Their heads are insect-like and triangular, with large, slanted eyes of deep brown or black.

Most Mantis aliens are described as dark brown, but other colours such as green and black have also been mentioned. Their bodies are composed of a segmented exoskeleton, and some abductees have reported that they seem to be coated in an oily substance. This is interesting, as it is not a usual thing to say about an alleged alien interaction – why make that up? Mantises are also often encountered wearing long robes in a variety of colours, perhaps signifying rank, while some are unclothed

Many of these encounters appear to be during sleep – the person awakening to find this type of alien in their room. This, of course, suggests that the encounter is a result of dreaming – especially if there is insect-phobia present in the individual.

What proof is there?

Like most abduction scenarios there is very little solid proof to go along with the stories – either because there isn’t any or because it is being withheld. However, one man in Toowoomba in Australia, claims to have photographs taken in 2016. He claims that he captured the images of three aliens which he described as like a frog, praying mantis and humanoid

The 73-year-old arrived in the town in 1966 and said it was the first time he’d seen extraterrestrial creatures. “I never believed in them before, as far as I was concerned it was just Hollywood,” he said. The photos, however, are far from clear, but that may be the nature of his mysterious visitors.

Here’s a link to the article from the local newspaper with video and photographs: THE CHRONICLE

Other such encounters are described in Mysterious Universe.

Such encounters can come in conjunction with UFO sightings and abductions, but quite often they are reported by witnesses who see these creatures just roaming about. The reports are so varied and strange that it is hard to know what to make of them. While most commonly associated with the UFO phenomenon and categorized as alien encounters, Mantis Man sightings often happen out in the wilderness with no mention of UFOs. In that respect they are similar to Bigfoot reports; a few of these occurred as recently as the early 2000s in the state of New Jersey. Many such reports talk about feeling this strange vibration prior to the encounter. Another common feature is that the alien sometimes appears to be translucent. For more details have a look at: MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE


Mantis humanoid aliens are of course just one facet of the strange world of the mysterious and unexplained we live with almost on a daily basis on Earth The fact that strange tales and images go back thousands of years means that they have been in the human psyche for a long time, and are not a recent phenomenon.

If indeed there are intelligent non-human visitors to Earth, I believe the main question is: why are they here? If they are here to conquer, then they are taking an inordinate amount of time to do it. A more likely scenario is that they are here to learn, just as we would on a planet other than Earth. And if they are here to learn, there must be some consideration given to the purpose of that learning. The universe will continually throw challenges at Earth, and we must always be of a mind to expect them.

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