Guest Post: author John Arthur Nichol

27th June 2017 | People

This month’s blog, by way of a change, is a guest post by author John Arthur Nichol. John writes children’s science fiction books and you can find links to them in his blog. They are beautifully written [in rhyme] and illustrated, and will delight young children the world over. The eBook editions are currently free. Enjoy:

John Arthur Nichol
Sascha Martin’s Rocket Ship
John Arthur Nichol
Through the Wormhole

Guest Post: author John Arthur Nichol

A big hello to all of you who follow author Clayton Graham and who must be very surprised to see an interloper on his blog. Now an explanation:

Clayton and I share an interest in science fiction, and though we write for different audiences (I’m a children’s writer) we’ve decided to test the waters in each other’s sphere.

We’re hoping that Clayton’s grown-up readers have younger relatives and friends, or children of their own, who gobble up science fiction as well. On my site I’m introducing Clayton Graham to an audience of parents and grandparents scouting books for their younger charges, who also buy books for themselves and  may well enjoy Milijun (which I adored) and subsequent novels.

I live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and have three grown-up children. One of them has moved to Melbourne, so my granddaughter is growing up a Southerner 🙂

As a reader I’m most drawn to mystery and suspense. But I love a good laugh as well, and one of my all-time favourite books is Lucky Jim, by Kingsley Amis.

As a writer for children I’m equally drawn to mystery, suspense and humour. I think kids enjoy these elements as much as I do.

I’ve launched two series: Sascha Martin’s Adventures and Wormholes. Both are unabashed science fiction. Sascha Martin is all about the laughter (and rhyme and rhythm), and Wormholes covers the mystery and suspense (but it’s not all deadly serious).

I still work full-time, so I do my writing in the wee small hours, and publish independently.

Two books are available now, both the first in their series: Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship and Through the Wormhole. You can download both of them free at AuthorReach:

The second Sascha Martin (Sascha Martin’s Time Machine) is in the illustrator’s hands. You can read about it on my website (see the link below) and even sign on as an advance reader if you like.

I’m about to edit the second Wormholes novel, and the third is pretty well plotted out and ready to draft. The plan is to have both published this year, plus Sascha Martin’s Time Machine. We’ll see 🙂

Thank you for checking out my guest post, and a huge thank you to Clayton for allowing me to reach out to his readership.


John Arthur Nichol

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