Merry Christmas to all Readers and Writers

5th December 2022 | News

Season’s Greetings to all. Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Wonderful New Year.

Christmas Gift

For those who haven’t read absorbing short stories Him at Number Three or The Emu and the Orange, here are the links to read the tales when you can find a few quiet moments to yourself over the festive season:

Him at Number Three   

The Emu and the Orange

And a reminder, if you have not done so already, you can get short story collection Silently in the Night for free, simply by subscribing to my monthly newsletter at the bottom of the landing page at:

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Amazon Author Page

And to check out all my books at this Gift-giving season, both for you and your loved ones, just go to my Amazon Author Page at:

No book is over US$2.99 for this year.

The latest in the Milijun Series, Alien Whispers: Conflict and Communion is garnering good verified reviews. Here’s a brief sample:

“The author’s way with words and his descriptions of both place and characters in these distant and strange encounters and worlds are painted with elegance and authority. He leaves us with not a ‘what if’ attitude, but with a ‘when?’ and that is the essence of a fine science fiction author.” Grady Harp

“This is the third book in a series but works well as a standalone. The story is action packed with a lot of tension. It sparks my curiosity about the other books in the series.” Guy Wheatley

“This book would make a great holiday gift for anyone that loves sci-fi in your life. The author is not only able to create an entirely new world, but well-developed species of aliens that will spark your interest. I really loved picturing all of the unique and original characters.” Chelsey McQuitty

“The character development is great here as well as world-building and a sense of foreboding. All of these elements combine to create a mesmerizing and engaging story. Highly recommend.” VE Vine Voice

Video trailer

And here is the video trailer for the series: TRAILER

Until next year – Merry Christmas to all readers.

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