Saving Paludis

To be published soon!!

When scientists on remote planet Paludis discover a means to dramatically improve the way mankind explores the universe they unwittingly open a Pandora’s Box of mystery, deception and conflict. Agent Stefan Lattanzis, botanist Clare Cavanna, mysterious seer Serpentine and several fearless aliens fight to save the planet from the might of Earth and the blind ignorance of the Paludis elite.

But the reptoid aliens, long subdued by Terran military action in the distant past, have been plotting revenge for hundreds of years. They have their own agenda and their own way of overcoming their human oppressors.

Nobody thought Paludis would become a battlefield, nor Earth for that matter, but in the darkest of times a glimmer of light can shine, resolute spirits can triumph over brutality and the strangest of strangers can become friends.