Introduction Like every human being on Earth, I tend to run my life by the clock. Even if that clock is only a rising or a setting sun. But what is Time? In mathematics, time is usually defined as an ongoing and continuous sequence of events that occur in succession. This means linearly going from…

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Einstein and Oppenheimer and other intelligences

Introduction It seems that two of the greatest minds of the last one hundred and fifty years were close friends towards the end of Einstein’s life on this Earth. One of the topics they discussed, and held opinions on, was the fascinating area of other worldly beings. Einstein was born in March 1879, Julius Robert…

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How alive is the universe?

How alive is the universe? Just how alive is the universe we live in?  We are all familiar with our own solar system and maybe even familiar with some aspects of our galaxy, but we now know the size of the universe is immense, restricted by distance and time from our own senses. Some of…

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