This month’s blog looks at the advances in humanoid robotics. Artificial intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the world of Isaac Asimov appears ever closer. What is remarkable is the ability of these machines [I’ll still call them that] to mimic human facial expressions and movement. If you have a look at…

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Micro Air Vehicles [MAV]

An early blog this month as Christmas is rapidly approaching, and two paranormal mystery authors to check out. Introduction In my Sci-Fi novel ‘Milijun’ a very small flying robot or MAV is used to access the Eucla military base in Australia. In today’s parlance, if they have a flapping wing, these vehicles are called Biomimetic…

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Robotic Life Forms

Robotic Life Forms There is no doubt that research into robotic life forms and artificial intelligence has progressed significantly over the last fifty years. The practical application of the results is, however, still at the formative stage compared to the infinite potential which seems to beckon. That being said, even the near future is full…

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