The Kardashev Scale—An Exploration—Beyond Type 3

 The Kardashev Scale—An Exploration—Beyond Type 3


Kardashev did not go beyond a Type 3 civilization, but there are plenty of open-minded scientists and philosophers that are willing to take the next step. True, it takes really expansive thought energy to do so, but since when did that stop anybody? Not only that, but intermediate steps have also been formulated [eg. By Carl Sagan] that make Earth, for example, a Type 0.7 civilization.

In summary:

Type 1 — Can use all the energy of its home planet
Type 2 — Can use all the energy of its home star and planetary system
Type 3 — Can use all the energy of its home galaxy
Type 4 — Can use all the energy of the observable universe
Type 5 — Can use all the energy of the multiverse

Beyond Type 3

Kardashev did not hypothesize beyond Type 3. And at the time he was surely correct. Thinking beyond a galactic super civilization is mind-bogglingly arduous. However, a few believe a further level can be achieved.  Type 4 civilizations would be able to harness the energy content of the entire universe. They could likely cross the accelerating expansion of space and possibly inhabit black holes. The concept of a Type 4 super civilization approaches divine possibilities, enabling the creation of alternate universes.

Type 5 might just be the next possible advancement to such a civilization. Here beings would be like supreme beings, having the knowledge to manipulate the universe or universes as they please.


There is no doubt that higher types of civilizations on the Kardashev scale seem like science fiction. But the reality is that humanity has barely touched the vast potential of the universe. Using new technologies and learning more about the mysteries of the cosmos, we may someday be able use the power of our entire universe. In the meantime, the Kardashev scale serves as a reminder of what could be.

Of course, the scale was built from a human perspective. Extraterrestrial civilizations might possess totally different values and technologies that don’t align with the Kardashev Scale’s framework. The actual development of civilizations could diverge significantly from the assumptions made in the scale.

Needless to say, we must guarantee the survival of our own planet first, before we can ever reap change beyond Type 0.7.

And at all times we must remember that whatever the advancement level, as living entities we are all part of the universal life system.

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