The Kardashev Scale – An Exploration – Part 3

This month we continue the exploration of the Kardashev Scale by looking at Type 3 civilizations.

What is a Type 3 Civilization?

If the jump from a Type 1 to a Type 2 civilization was big, the leap to a Type 3 is massive. Essentially, we are going from a solar system to an entire galaxy. While it is possible to envisage mankind exploring our own solar system, it becomes practically impossible to imagine we will ever be able to reach the extremities of the Milky Way.

Essentially, A Type 3 civilization is able to capture all the energy emitted by its galaxy, and every object within it, such as every star, black hole, etc.

This is the final type of civilization in the original proposal of the Kardashev Scale.

Technologies Required

Trying to understand the technologies for such a civilization is incredibly difficult for the human brain to comprehend as we are limited by our own advances. However, they could include the ability to harness the energy output of stars, the creation of wormholes for faster-than-light travel, and the engineering of black holes. These, of course, are purely speculative and based on science fiction rather than current scientific understanding.

From a human perspective, colonies of robots or AI sub-species that are capable of self-replication are likely to spread out across the galaxy. They will be able to digitize and enable all matter (from asteroids to planets) they come across, making everything ‘alive’ and part of their galactic network. Dyson spheres could encapsulate each star, carrying excess energy to vital nodes in the network. By now, Faster-than-light travel needs to be employed both for communication as well as mobility.

What about the entities of a Type 3?

Supreme life energies without a doubt, possessing an almost infinite fleet of advanced robotic beings and AI. Flesh and blood, perhaps not, but it is anybody’s guess.

Is it possible to go beyond Type 3? If you have the mind for it, the answer is yes. We’ll have a look at that next month.


The Type 3 civilization is really well beyond our comprehension but not beyond our imagination. It is not much of a stretch to have them exhibiting creation-like behavior. This is where science and religion [or spirituality] can come together. The days of science and creationism being polar opposites are long gone.

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