The Milijun First Contact Series

9th September 2022 | News, Uncategorized

The third book in the Milijun series is now on pre-Order from Amazon at the bargain price of 99 US cents. You can order your copy here:



Milijun Series

As the publication date for the third book in the Milijun Series approaches, I thought it would be a good time to have a look at the series to date and check out the wellbeing of protagonists Laura and Jason Sinclair.

The first book in the series is entitled Milijun and introduces Laura and Jason, who are caught up in events well beyond their understanding.

Milijun begins with a spine-chilling extraordinary event and a run-of-the-mill, ordinary event. Both events overlap and the story evolves into a cut and thrust, action-packed First Contact adventure tinged with paranormal and spiritual overtones. One that challenges the reader to think deeply about our position in the universe. Just how would mankind deal with alien interaction? After all, the world may not be ready for alien communication, but in all likelihood it may have little choice in the matter.

Laura Sinclair and her son, Jason, are on vacation when their lives are turned upside down by otherworldly creatures that fall to Earth in the dead of night. They are frightened and bewildered and become trapped in a dark and dangerous conflict between clandestine Earth forces and the alien wave—and Laura’s world starts to unravel. But everything may not be as it appears. Could the aliens have an ulterior motive? And could they really have a mission for Jason?

In book 2, Amidst Alien Stars, Laura and Jason lead a group of desperate humans in a bid to forge their own future, and that of the entire human race. Aboard an alien space station, orbiting a mysterious planet in a strange new galaxy, they find themselves as collaborators in a breathtaking scheme of cosmic survival—for aliens and humans alike.

The question is – who can they really trust? To succeed, they must solve the puzzle of extraterrestrial races in the throes of a perplexing and historic conflict. But will that be a bridge too far?

At the end of Amidst Alien Stars, Jason has seized events and actually been shaped by them. He has become a leader among men and aliens alike, and sees the universe as a challenge; his destiny belongs in the stars.

Laura, though, is still plagued by doubts. As the mother of Jason, she has a huge responsibility thrust upon her shoulders, a responsibility that haunts her, even though she is far from Earth. She still has her Milijun enhancements, and they do help, but they can also be a curse. Her immediate future is one of tremendous challenge.

In the third book, Alien Whispers: Conflict and Communion, currently on Pre-Order on Amazon, the battle for the minds and hearts of humans is really on…and Laura must play a huge part. There will be deception and battles, but there will also be self-sacrifice and love.

In the meantime, you can check out the book and Pre-Order at the low price of only 99 cents here:



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