The Pentyrch UFO Incident

15th October 2021 | UFO's


Following on from the blog a few months ago on the pentagon UFO release, this month’s blog looks at a strange incident that appears to have happened in Pentyrch, Wales in 2016. Pentyrch is a village located on the western outskirts of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. The village is situated next to the Garth Mountain high above the River Taff.

On 26 February 2016, multiple witnesses reported seeing UFOs and associated military activity.


Caz Clarke, the principal witness in this case,  and her neighbor allegedly saw a huge pyramid UFO that jettisoned a smaller green craft. They were also approached by two small craft that came within 20 feet of them. One stopped approximately 20 feet away and remained stationary, and the other came over the top of them and scanned them both. The vehicles changed colour before they flew away silently  in different directions.

Reports suggest that the military gave chase to one of the jettisoned craft and shot it down. Later that same day, Caz found the crash site and filmed it. After a few days, the military came and camped in the fields where the incident happened, giving two fake cover stories as to who they were and what they were doing.

There were many other witnesses to the strange goings on that day.

Quotes from Caz Clarke taken from website ‘The Pentyrch Incident’

“Honestly… I would never have guessed that a decision made by my neighbour and I to sky watch a low flying aircraft over my house one fateful night of February 26th 2016 would lead to such a stressful yet compelling journey of painstakingly collating evidence over the course of several years after taking 18 months initially just to come to terms with what I saw.

No matter how I felt, each time more evidence came to light it only validated the fact that something very serious is going on here.”

“We headed into the woodland area, following the trajectory of the craft and found something very strange. Vast areas of the woodland looked as if something had indeed exploded in the area.

It would take 18 months to reconcile what I saw, and over time I would experience more sightings along with some odd encounters with people who believed to be interested in what I saw yet felt threatening in their approach. The implications of what I saw weighed heavily on me and I knew that people had to know the truth.”

“This was reported soon after to be part of an MOD exercise called Project Chameleon, which used only simulated combat. However residents spotted Military personnel around the areas of Llantrisant, Smilog and Pentyrch before and after the 26th of February 2016.”


There is no doubt that Caz Clarke became obsessed with this incident – and no wonder. She undertook polygraph testing to underscore that her accounts were truthful [classed as “Truthful with no deception indicated.”]. The following is a brief summary from her thoughts in the book she was driven to write:

What I saw was real, and it changed my world, and the implications of this incident happening in a small South Wales sleepy town are profound, not just for myself, but for all of us. In the Pentyrch Incident book, I wrote this in summary.

  • 100’s of people called the police on that fateful night to complain about the helicopters hovering over their homes.
  • Multiple witnesses complained about the aircraft noise from well outside the area up to 50 miles away.
  • 100’s of people heard and experienced the enormous explosions.
  • Multiple witnesses saw the objects the military were pursuing, and some managed to gather photographic and video evidence.
  • Several witnesses experienced the road closures that night by uniformed police and found it difficult to get home.
  • Multiple witnesses saw and gathered radar returns for the aircraft above Pentyrch in the days preceding the event.

These are normal people just like you and me, can they all be wrong?  People were worried for their young children who were awoken in the middle of the night by the helicopters, and others still, worried for their livestock as the Chinooks made multiple trips from Smilog woods.  Many people had to get up for work the next morning after having a sleepless night.  We are people, we are not statistics or property; we are human beings and the military and the police serve us!


Good factual video covering the incident [30 minutes]: VIDEO 







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