The story behind Milijun

17th February 2016 | News

Milijun was born as a short story, but the characters [especially the alien RNasia] took me on an altogether different ride. They wanted to be free; they wanted to complete their mission on Earth. They cajoled me at five in the morning to get on their case. On occasion I told them to get lost, but they inevitably returned.
So they had to be discovered. They loved caves, so Cocklebiddy Caves, in Western Australia, seemed an ideal first primary engagement point. The aliens are strange creatures, apparently passing through solid material at will. But, as Laura and Jason Sinclair discover, there is a lot more to their abilities than meets the eye. And their abilities, of course, are linked to other dimensions, to things which we humans do not yet understand [unless maybe we are quite good at quantum mechanics].
Laura and Jason are the people who first see the aliens descend to Earth. Like most of us would be, they are hesitant at first. They do not want to get involved. Yet in some ways they are lucky, in others they are not. But that’s life. It happens to all of us.

So the adventure begins. They become different people. They have to, or they would not survive.
Like most of us, I have often wondered if there are more life forms in the universe, or should that be universes. My instinct tells me there must be – why should we be the privileged ones? We may like to think we are alone, but it’s a huge place we live in.
And if there is life out there, there is hope. Hope for some kind of synergy; some kind of interaction; some kind of mutual benefit. After all, it happened on Earth [with some growing pains], why not in the universe.
But it will take time. We have to survive to make that time. And, as Milijun suggests, there will be growing pains.

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